Offworlders in Print

Offworlders is now available in print! My lightweight but heavy-hitting, planet-hopping science fiction game now exists in physical form, and you can order it from DriveThruRPG. It has taken a bit longer than anticipated, but the print on demand book is a product Olivia and I can be proud of.

The print version improves upon the original digital version with an easier to read three-column layout, as well as a number of typo fixes and edits for clarification. The definitive version of the game also sports an extremely yellow cover and newly designed, spiffed up sheets for characters and ships. We’ve also updated the PDF version to reflect the update.

Grab a copy today, run a game, and tell me all about the crazy stunts your players pull!


How Dice Create Game Feel in Tabletop Role-Playing Games

Video game developers spend countless hours tweaking their work to produce the intangible quality they call Game Feel. Game Feel is that little spark of joy you get from tapping a button and seeing Mario jump. Even on an empty platform, without an enemy to stomp or a box to bash, it is satisfying when Mario jumps. Behind that feeling is Shigeru Miyamoto sitting in a studio with an alpha version of his game, making Mario jump over and over again, literally for days in an empty void, minutely adjusting Mario’s weight, jump velocity, landing animation, etc. until the jump feels absolutely perfect. Any time you’ve ever played a shooter and picked up a new gun, and just knew it was more powerful the moment you fired it, you’ve experienced game feel.

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