Offworlders in Print

Offworlders is now available in print! My lightweight but heavy-hitting, planet-hopping science fiction game now exists in physical form, and you can order it from DriveThruRPG. It has taken a bit longer than anticipated, but the print on demand book is a product Olivia and I can be proud of.

The print version improves upon the original digital version with an easier to read three-column layout, as well as a number of typo fixes and edits for clarification. The definitive version of the game also sports an extremely yellow cover and newly designed, spiffed up sheets for characters and ships. We’ve also updated the PDF version to reflect the update.

Grab a copy today, run a game, and tell me all about the crazy stunts your players pull!


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  1. Chris: Wow, just read Offworlders and man, I loved it!! After 20 years away from gaming this is going to get me back into the hobby — loved the freewheeling space adventure setting, the very easy yet flexible rules system, and how the overall tone captures the feel of Star Wars, Firefly and Traveller — just a ton of fun and adventure.

    Do you have any supplements planned?

    Me, I’m a universe builder by nature — but I can see plenty of room for supplemental material:

    * Additional classes (and objectives in the game),
    * Sliding difficulty scales (just an option — I don’t believe all characters should equally good at any task — and there are lots of ways to address this, multiple rolls, or a sliding difficulty scale, so while most rolls are 7/10 for partial to full success, you could explain why some might be 6/9 or lower or even 9/12 for “hitting the exhaust port with the proton torpedoes” tasks)
    * Things you can with “high level” (experienced) characters instead of just retiring them — rather than improving skills and game mechanics, dive into what the characters’ motivations are — at high levels they should own their ship, so they need new goals — do they want to retire to a life of boredom, found a shipping conglomerate, lead a revolution, be informed they are the long lost heir of an ancient treasure with a team of cyborg assassins after the prize jewels, etc.?
    * Tons of tables and options for world creation, NPCs and monsters and tech/loot options, adventure starters, set pieces and locations, etc.

    1. Hi Bill! Thanks for the kind words. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner.

      No supplements currently planned, although I am playing with some ideas for yet another interstellar adventure game that does some things differently. Who knows when that’ll happen though. Please feel free to come hang out in our Discord, if that is something you do, and share some ideas:

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